Holiday Procrastinators: Nest Thermostat in Apple Stores

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Holiday shoppers with procrastination issues have a new last minute shopping option for the tech lovers in their lives now that the second generation Nest Learning Thermostat is available in Apple's retail stores. The programmable thermostat learns your heating and cooling patterns, and can be remotely programmed from your iPhone or iPad.

The second generation Nest Learning Thermostat now in Apple StoresThe second generation Nest Learning Thermostat now in Apple Stores

The second generation model is about 20 percent thinner than the original, supports most heating and cooling systems in the United States, and has a sleeker look than the first generation model. Connecting the Nest is easier now thanks to a redesigned wire attachment system, and it includes a built-in level to make sure it sits straight on your wall.

You can also buy the Nest online through the Apple website.

The second generation Nest Learning Thermostat is priced at US$249 and you can walk out of your local Apple Store with one today and still have plenty of time for holiday parties.

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Wes Edwards

I installed a Nest thermostat about a month ago and absolutely love it. It took me less than 15 minutes to install and has saved large amounts of gas and electric. I can check the temperature from anywhere and see the energy use for a week at a time. It knows when I am away and drops the temp to my preferred setting. Oh, it is also so nice to look at. When you come close it lights up and shows the temp, what it is set to and the outside temp. Fantastic technology.

Steve Harris

I picked up a first gen nest on one of the black Friday sales for a little under $200.  Not quite as sleek as the second gen unit but it works with my heating & cooling system.  It looks great, is easy to install and program, the web functionality is really nice, but it does have a few problems that nest labs really need to address.  It doesn’t display room temperature but your set-point temperature.  After running the unit almost a month I know why - the thermostat can’t control temperature very well.  It takes a little time for the thermostat to learn but then it should control, or at least that’s what nest’s ads say.  Mine’s been running almost a month and we get the furnace on for 20 straight minutes followed by if off for 40-60 minutes.  It may be energy efficient to run it this way but the room temp will go 2-3 degrees above the set temp, then coast to 2-3 degrees below the set temp.  So you get hot for a short period of time, then notice that its getting cold, then right about the time you put on the sweatshirt it gets hot again.  Very annoying and uncomfortable.  It would be much more comfortable if they put a little more gain in their control loop and ran the furnace for shorter periods more frequently.  As to whether is saves energy or not, I’ll wait until I have a few gas bills but right now it is running about 15% higher than my last thermostat.

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