Holy Vatican, Batman! The Pope Hosts Meeting with Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook's Friday schedule included a meeting you wouldn't typically associate with major tech companies: Pope Francis. The two met Friday morning, and while their discussion wasn't public, it's no secret the two share common interests in humanitarian issues and environmental protection.

Carol Glatz's photo of Pope Francis' scheduleCarol Glatz's photo of Pope Francis' schedule

News of the meeting first surfaced thanks to a photo of the Pope's schedule from Carol Glatz from the National Catholic Reporter. Sky News reporter Tom Cheshire confirmed via Twitter the meeting took place.

It's no secret Mr. Cook chats it up with politicians and celebrities, but this is the first time he's been in a confirmed meeting with a religious leader. The meeting may seem out of place, but this isn't the Pope's first get together with a big tech company leader. Last week he met with Alphabet CEO Eric Schmidt to discuss whatever it is Internet search companies and Popes like to talk about.

As far as Mr. Cook's meeting goes, it's likely the two were discussing common interests such as how they can move forward with their humanitarian efforts and what they can do to promote environmental protection efforts. Regardless, it was probably a really interesting chat that would've been cool to listen in on.