Home Depot Officially Wants Apple Pay Support at 2,000 Stores

Apple PayHome Depot said on Tuesday that it "would like to" add Apple Pay to its chain of 2,000 home improvement stores. The company also said that a recent decision to deactivate NFC payments in those same stores was due to an in-progress upgrade, rather than a decision to turn down Apple Pay.

Adding Apple Pay is, "something we’d like to do," Home Depot spokesperson Steve Holmes told Bloomberg. The company did not announce specific plans or a date to do it, but it's clear that Apple Pay customers are valued. A deal has been reached with PayPal, however, and Home Depot said it hopes to add support for other services, too.

Home Depot has never been an official Apple Pay participant, but as is the case with many NFC-capable payment terminals, Apple Pay users could those terminals to make payments at Home Depot. Early Tuesday, customer reports that Apple Pay no longer worked at Home Depot circled the Interwebs.

According to Home Depot, however, those devices have been turned off for several weeks while they were being upgraded for reasons unrelated to Apple Pay.