Hon Hai Shows Off its Own Smartwatch for iPhone

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Hon Hai, which is well known as the company that builds the iPhone for Apple through its Foxconn factories, has crafted its own smartwatch designed to connect to the iPhone. The watch displays alerts and other notifications, and tracks fitness-related data like heart rate and respiration, and are looking to add fingerprint ID to future models.

Hon Hai gets into the iPhone smartwatch gameHon Hai gets into the iPhone smartwatch game

Company chairman Terry Gou showed off the smartwatch during a shareholder meeting earlier this week where he highlighted the device's ability to check Facebook posts as well as phone calls, according to WantChinaTimes.

Mr. Gou said, "With such a device, you can keep your phone in your pocket and simply check all kinds of messages on your watch."

What Mr. Gou showed off sounds a lot like a remote display for the iPhone, and very similar to the Pebble smartwatch which also displays information it receives from Apple's smartphone. It also shows the high interest from electronics makers in wearable technology.

Apple has been rumored to be working on its own smartwatch, although so far the company hasn't confirmed that the so-called iWatch is on the way. Company CEO Tim Cook has, however, said they are interested in wearable technology.

Aside from Google and its Glass project, companies tend to be focusing on wearable tech for the wrist just as Hon Hai is, although so far the feature set these devices offer is mostly limited to echoing information that's available on smartphones and fitness tracking. Assuming Apple does jump into the wearable tech game, the products the company releases will most likely offer something new and will function as more than an iPhone accessory.

Hon Hai hasn't said yet when its smartwatch will be available, but if Apple does have wearable tech products ready to go, Mr. Gou better get his on store shelves soon.

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The wearable tech market today is mostly a collection of health trackers and wrist top displays for smartphones. If Apple jumps into the game, get ready for big changes, and good luck keeping up. Even if Hon Hia's own smartwatch fizzles out, the company will still win since it'll most likely be making whatever Apple unleashes on the market.

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I really want to see Apple bring something interesting to the table if they are going to make some sort of iWatch or other wearable. To me a wristwatch seems the obvious form factor because you don’t have to haul your phone out at every alert, a glance at your watch and you can see if it is something important or something that can wait.
Repeating info from the iPhone and perhaps a level of remote control for the iPhone is a must for me (if a little obvious). Fitness trackers? Well, ok, for those that care about that I guess… and like the way the iPhone absorbed three or four categories of device I suppose this will too.
Exactly what Apple can get it to do that will make it a killer product that is more than just an iPhone accessory I can’t say (if I could I am sure I would be working at Apple earning millions for my stunning development insights and best buddies with my compatriot Jony Ive :D)
I am hoping for something stunning… and I hope that all the other “me too” prequels don’t encourage Apple to bring something to market before they have it 100% polished and perfect wink


This looks like a cool product, I’ll check it out.

But I disagree that if Apple brings out a wrist worn device it will be really new and different in its function. Apple has shown a facility for taking the currently possible and making it look easy.


Apple’s watch will feature a built-in bluetooth microphone, that’s linked to your iPhone… You’ll be able to talk to the watch, Siri will activate… and you’ll actually be able to do things on your iPhone without removing it from your bag or pocket.

Otherwise, smart watches are a lame idea, if all they’ll do is display notifications.

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