Hon Hai Exec Says Apple Television Coming

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Hon Hai Precision Chairman Terry Gou claims Apple has plans for its own television, and Hon Hai company Foxconn will be building it. Mr. Gou said Foxconn is already preparing for production of the Apple-branded high definition television, although production hasn’t begun yet.

Hon Hai boss says Apple really is making a televisionHon Hai boss says Apple really is making a television

Mr. Gou shared his knowledge on Apple’s television plans during a meeting on Thursday, according to China Daily. During the meeting he also said that a joint factory venture between Foxconn and Sharp will be part of Apple television production.

Rumors that Apple will start making its own television have been floating around the Internet for months.

Jefferies & Co. analyst Peter Misek expects the rumored television to ship during the fourth quarter of 2012 and will be “so much more than a TV.” The new TV, he expects, will serve as a gaming center, media hub, home computer, home automation system, and more.

While Apple tends to keep quiete about upcoming products, it does seem plausible that the head of the company that manufactures products like the iPhone and iPad could be in a position to know about an unannounced television product. Without Apple’s official confirmation, however, we’re still treating the Apple television as a rumor.



So, calling it a “TV” was perhaps just SJ’s last magical marketing misdirection; a subterfuge to sneak into the marketplace a (relatively) unanticipated massively-disruptive new gadget-system which should really be thought of as more a next-generation iMac with ultimately extensive (RadioShack “X-10 Plug-‘n-Power” style) home-automation & home-entertainment-center missions rather than merely some sort of modified/augmented TV?


Or ”... perhaps ... more a next-generation iMac…” (and/or even a next-generation MacMini without any included monitor) with ... extensive… home-automation & home-entertainment-center missions rather than ... some sort of modified/augmented TV…” system?


Or this has all been a huge misdirection to get everyone else falling all over themselves to make a competing product to the Apple TV. They all expend a huge amount of money and time and such to produce this even though it does not in the end sell well. Then Apple doesn’t do it. Apple releases something totally out of left field and revolutionize a totally different market, leaving Hon Hai, Samsung, Toshiba, LG, etc., etc., looking like idiots.

I still don’t think there will be an Apple branded television set.


If Apple does bring a TV to market it will be iOS and not OSX based. This means it won’t be an iMac with TV functions or any other Mac platform. Just my take on Apple’s direction.

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