How to Command IFTTT Channels From Your iPhone Lock Screen

With the advent of Notification Center in iOS 8, having interactive lock screen items has made the iPhone even more convenient. If This Then That, automator and monitor of various services, has created the "DO" button which makes it even easier to kick off recipes. And I'm about to show you how to do exactly this with a handy dandy guide below.

Let's start with the setup: First, make sure you have the free DO Button installed on iOS. You also need an IFTTT account to connect the DO button to anything useful. Once those are set up, you're ready to start automating.

Our example is courtesy of Jeff Gamet, who set up some automation for his WeMo switch (which is actually a gadget that plugs into an outlet but Belkin calls it a switch because reasons). We have a WeMo switch named "WeMo AC" since it's the one that has Jeff's Air Conditioner hooked up to it. We're going to make a Notification Center button to make it even easier to flip the AC's switch. This setup uses only the WeMo "channel" on IFTTT, making it pretty easy to get going. First, select the channel you want to use:

The If This Then That Channel ChooserChoose the channel for your DO Button.

Once you have the channel selected, you have to choose what you're going to actually do with a WeMo. In our example, we're going to choose the top option, Toggle a WeMo Switch:

Screen asking what you want to do with your WeMo SwitchWhat are you going to do with your DO Button?

Since you might have several WeMo Switches, next you have to choose one so they aren't all going on and off. We're using the WeMo AC, the switch with the air conditioner plugged in to it:

Screen for which switch you’re choosing.To run the AC, we'll use WeMo AC, the one where it's plugged in.

All recipes will ask you, so you have to determine whether or not you need to enable location services. Hopefully it's pretty easy to tell if you need this or not:

Do Button Location popupSome recipes will want location information. Here's where you enable it.

Now that you have created this button, it's time to add it to Notification Center. Swipe it on down, and scroll to the bottom. You'll see an Edit button, likely telling you there are new widgets available. Tap the Edit button and get the chance to add your new button to the "Today" screen. Since you get a section of screen, you can have a couple of other buttons there as well (if you want to add them, you can, I'm not the boss of you).

And here's the DO Button, live and just a swipe away.

Now that this is set up, our example switch is now just a swipe (down for Notification Center) and a tap (on the button itself) from powering the AC on and off as necessary. An advantage to IFTTT is that it requires internet access, not your home Wi-Fi or other specific network, so if you're out and about and need to toggle a switch, you're covered.

What does your DO Button do?