How to Delete Flash From Windows Running on Your Mac

Mac users are fairly familiar with their OS X and how to delete Adobe Flash. However, the occasional user of Windows as a virtual machine (or with Boot Camp) in OS X may not have that information handy. Here's a quick how-to that deletes Flash from Windows.


I'll start by assuming you've launched Windows 7—which is what most people are using—as a virtual machine in, say, Parallels Desktop, VmMare Fusion or VirtualBox.

(Of course, this how-to works for a straight-up Windows installation in Boot Camp on a Mac or any PC.)

1. Come back to this article in your Windows browser of choice. (You've updated to the latest browser version, right?) Depending on VM settings you may be able to simply copy and paste from one address bar to the other.

2. Go to the site and download the uninstaller. You'll see:

3. From the Windows Start Menu navigate to Documents > Downloads.

4. Double-click the uninstaller.  After it launches, click "Run."

5. You'll see a reverse progress bar, indicating that the Adobe Flash related files are being deleted from Windows.

6. You're done.

Now Adobe Flash is really gone everywhere on your Mac.