How to Do Ad Hoc Backups of Your Calendar, Reminders and Contacts Data on Your Mac

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Part 3 - Archiving Your Contacts Data

As for the Contacts app, the procedure for archiving its data is practically identical. Go to File > Export > Contacts Archive.

The File menu in the Contacts app

Each of the apps discussed can create their own archive files

You will be prompted to name the .abbu file. This is an Apple-proprietary Address Book Back Up file. On an American english system, the suggested file name will follow the format: “Contacts - mm-dd-yyyy.abbu” which you can modify if you wish, but don't change the extension.

As an aside, the other export option under File > Export in Contacts, is to export your individual or multiple contacts as a vCard or .vcf file. This is a Virtual Business Card file format used to transfer or exchange contacts data among many platforms and applications.

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