How to Help the Apple Store Help You

If you have to make an Apple Store appointment, this quick tip will make things easier for both you and the Genius helping you.

Checking into an Apple Store appointment can happen one of two ways. The first is that you enter the store and tell an employee you're there for an appointment, and they check you in, usually adding a quick description of you so the Genius can find you for your appointment.

Alternately, you can walk into the Apple Store and check in from your iPhone or iPad, never speaking with an employee, and leaving the staff clueless as to who you are when your name comes up.

Here's the solution, as related to me by an Apple Store employee yesterday: if you check yourself in via mobile device, add a comment to your reservation that includes a quick description of you and what you're wearing so you're easier to find. This streamlines things for the Apple Store staff, and anything you can do to help them help you will make your visit that much smoother.

It's Bigger on the Inside

Context is King: wearing a TARDIS shirt.