How to: iPad Air Available for In-Store Pickup on Friday

Apple is launching the iPad Air on Friday, and unlike the iPhone 5s and 5c launch, Apple is offering in-store pickup for online orders. That means you can order through the online Apple Store website or through the iOS Apple Store apps and choose to pick it up rather than have it delivered.

There's two ways to take advantage of this. The first is through Apple's online Apple Store. If you select an iPad model and a configuration, in the Summary sidebar to the right, you'll see an "Available for pickup" option, as shown in the screenshot below. Note that it shows "currently unavailable" because iPad Air hasn't been released yet.

Apple Store Screen

Available for Pickup

If you click the "Check availability" link, you'll get a pop-up window-within-a-window where you can type your zip code. In the example below, we used an Austin zip code. All of those stores are currently showing "Unavailable for Pickup" because the device hasn't been launched.

Apple Store Screenshot

Select Store

From there, you would select a store and arrange a pickup time. This is how other products work with the Apple Store, too.

The other way to set up a pickup time is through the iOS Apple Store app. You can't yet walk through the process like we did on the online site, but Apple is showing a message announcing the pickup, as shown in the screenshot below.

Apple Store App

The Apple Store app