How to Pair a Siri Remote With its 4G Apple TV

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It can happen. Your Siri Remote isn't working. You're sure it has a good battery charge. As (bad) luck would have it, it may have become unpaired with the 4G Apple TV. Here's how to get the two paired up again.

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The applicable Apple Tech Note is HT204185 Here's a summary.

1. Place the Siri Remote within 3 inches (about 75 mm) from the Apple TV and point it at the Apple TV.

2. Hold down the MENU and VOLUME UP buttons for 5 seconds. Note that these buttons are placed diagonally from each other, so you might need two hands.

3. Quickly look at the top righthand side of your TV screen. If all went well, you'll see a message: "Remote Connected." The message disappears after a few seconds.

If that doesn't work, if available, you can try using a previous generation aluminum remote, with its IR capability, until you are able to troubleshoot with Apple's tech note and further diagnose the problem.

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Huh…maybe this is what’s been wrong with my stupid remote. I thought it was the Apple TV but when I used the receiver controller it was very responsive. The Siri remote was very slow to respond after powering on and quit working altogether after a few presses. Had 80%+ charge.

Personally I think the new Apple TV is a fail. Though in large part this is Apple’s fault, part of my dissatisfaction is that the Netflix app is stable but designed horribly.

The music UI is also awful.

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