How to Report Spam To Common Email Providers

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We all get spam, in varying degrees. There are a number of tactics you can employ to minimize the amount you get, like not handing out your email address to just anyone who asks, or at least using a secondary address instead, and not signing up your mobile number for every imaginable service.

Stop Spam

Stop Spam

Even if you're good about unsubscribing (or not signing up at all), you might need to report a particular account for one reason or another. Here's how to report spam to the most common email providers:

  • For iCloud, open the message in and choose Message > Forward as Attachment, and send it to which will get reviewed and if necessary, the account will get suspended.
  • Microsoft provides a number of email services, including,,, and To report spam to Microsoft, forward the offending message to report_spam@ the appropriate domain.
  • Reporting to Comcast is similar to the above providers, forward the message to Reporting to Time Warner is similar, using instead.
  • Reporting spam to Yahoo! Requires filling out a form over at the Yahoo! Help site.
  • To report a Gmail account sending spam, you can report it on Google's reporting page.
  • On the text message front, any spammy text should be forwarded to 7726 (SPAM), which works on all carriers.

While these steps won't eliminate spam entirely, taking a moment to report offenders to the most common email providers can help keep the numbers down.

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Lee Dronick

We need better spam filters on iCloud, ones that let us test based upon headers and the link in the body. In other words we need to be able to view raw source when in webmail.

Tom Schmidt

iCloud has pretty good spam filters, but the lack of white listing is occasionally annoying. A better solution than the ones offered is to sign up for the SpamCop service at Be sure to note it is not the same as the pretender at spam cop dot com.

Lee Dronick

Tom I am wanting a rule in iCloud mail where “if any header contains xxxxxx” then forward to, then delete the email. I have that ability on my website host’s email. I suppose that I could forward my icloud email to one of other email accounts and filter it on the service.

Yeah, a whitelist is needed.


Spam from other sources can be reported to:

Paul Goodwin

What good does it do to mark a message as Junk and move it to the Junk mail folder in iOS mail?


Don’t forget iMessage spam. I just had to use this…

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