How To Reset A HomeKit Device

HomeKit was announced at WWDC 2014, with devices only now starting to emerge that include this compatibility. As with all technology, it's a good idea to have a few troubleshooting tips handy Just In Case.

With HomeKit devices, there isn't really a reboot option like there is with computers or phones. Instead it's more of a "reset" option. For our example we'll be using the Caséta Smart Bridge, a hub for controlling (compatible) lights, shades, switches, and thermostats.

If you find that things aren't working as they should, resetting a hub can be helpful. There generally aren't a ton of custom settings to have to rebuild in a home automation hub, usually the custom actions and things happen in software.  So luckily if you are troubleshooting, it shouldn't be a huge impact on your setup to reset the hardware. Here's how:

First, go to Settings > Privacy > HomeKit:

Look at that poor lonely HomeKit compatible device. It still doesn't have many friends yet.

Once there, you'll see all your HomeKit devices listed. Or, you know, just the one. Tap the "Reset HomeKit Configuration" option, and you'll get a dialog confirming that you mean it. 

Reset the HomeKit Configuration like you mean it!

In this case, the reason we have to reset is because the Smart Bridge decided the iCloud account wasn't the right iCloud account and we had to have a do-over.

Success! Now to push the button on the unit and get things going again.

Once the software has been reset it's just a question of hardware reset, usually by pressing some sort of physical reset button on the device itself. Then you can configure things again and get back to living in The Future by telling your virtual assistant to turn on the lights and letting your communicator work it out with your house.