How to Turn Off Twitter's Best Tweets First Feature

Twitter is copying Facebook again, this time by showing tweets based on what it thinks you want to see instead of chronologically. For some people that's awesome, and for others? Not so much. If that doesn't sound like what you want, it's easy to turn off from the Twitter website.

Here's how to disable the new best tweets feature:

  • Go to the Twitter website in your favorite Web browser and login to your account
  • Click your profile avatar in the upper right corner of the page and choose Settings
  • Click Account
  • Uncheck Show me the best Tweets first

You can turn off Twitter's best tweets first featureYou can turn off Twitter's best tweets first feature

If you don't see an option to uncheck, that's OK. It only means Twitter hasn't enabled it for you yet. Give it time. It's coming.

Change can be scary, but for some people the new way of seeing tweets may be better. If you don't want to read every post when you get back to your computer after lunch, for example, this is a great way to see a short list of what you're more likely to be interested in. If not, then turn it off and get back to the old view. Either way, you chronological timeline is still there and is probably loaded with political fights and kitten memes.