How to Work With Location Services in iOS 7

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Part 3 - Turning Location Services On or Off


As mentioned, you can turn Location Services on or off via a master switch located in Settings > Privacy > Location Services. When you first set up a new device, the Setup Assistant process will prompt you for this. Whatever you choose to do, you can always enable or disable the service through the Location Services settings. 

For you Privacy dweebs, you can turn Location Services off if you’re afraid to use this feature. However, don’t come crying to me later when you find that your device is useless. In the meantime, for the rest of us who do take full advantage of the benefits of Location Services, we still want to know how to disable those services when the inevitable time comes to conserve battery life. That’s because, Location Services require the use of your device’s radios. That drains energy.

You can also fine-tune Location Services by individually controlling which apps and system services have access to Location Services data.

The Location Services screen

Different arrowhead arrows in app listings will indicate the status of Location Services for that app [See also the next illustration]

This is available by going to Settings > Privacy > Location Services. When Location Services are off, apps cannot utilize your location in the foreground or background. Of course, by doing so, you stifle the utility and performance of numerous apps.

By the way, to disable Location Services for all websites, turn off Location Services for the Safari app.

A detail from the Location Services settings panel that explains the three different Location Services icons that may be visible in the list of apps.

The apps in the Location Services panel may include different arrowhead icons depending on the status of Location Services

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Location services on my wi-fi only iPad lets me see my location on a map and will show a moving blue dot as I travel. It seems that I must have my map open while on wi-fi, and the dot and map shows my location. It works in urban settings but I do not think out in the wilds. Cool feature, if I remember to start off with the map app open.

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