How Many Drops to Break an iPhone 4? One? Two-hoo? Three?

Make it four. That’s how many drops it took to break one of Apple’s brand new iPhone 4 models, at least in one test conducted by the folks at The site published a video (below) in which it dropped a brand new iPhone 4 it received early until the screen cracked, and in their test it took four drops to make it happen.

That said, that last drop landed in a different way than the first three, and it’s just as possible the test could have taken one drop or 100, depending on how it landed, but the video makes for some heart-rending viewing, especially if you’re one of those standing in line waiting for their own iPhone 4 even as we write this story.

And then there’s those who weren’t able to get in a reservation or pre-order who must wait until July to get one of the devices — those folks may not want to watch this test at all.’s drop test on the new iPhone 4