How The iPad Has Changed my iPhone Life

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The iPhone has introduced us to a palooza of iOS apps. When it launched in the summer of 2007, we collected apps like there’s no tomorrow. But then the iPad came along, and suddenly it became clear. We only need a few mobile apps on the iPhone. For those fortunate enough to have both devices, the iPad is our proper app warehouse.

I remember when I got my first iPhone, the original model. I started collecting apps because I had a mental list of all the apps I wanted to carry around, like Chess, calculators and news apps. Then, there were apps that took advantage of the iPhone’s special capabilities and were fun to showcase, like G-Park (“Find my Car”), IMDB, and Netflix. Also, I was loathe to delete apps I had reviewed and liked.

iPhone + iPad

And then… the iPad arrived and I realized that many of those apps I had been collecting on my iPhone were unnecessary. I had a dreaded case of iPhone app clutter. Many of these apps properly belong on the big brother with a big screen, the iPad. Think about it. Do we really need to read a book, play chess, or watch a movie on a 3.5-inch screen? That’s something we do because we can, and because it makes for a fun demo with iPhoneless friends. But the long term? I’d rather not.

Nowadays, I have apps on my iPhone that I really need when I’m out and about. (Some of these replace and improve on Apple apps.) The simple calculator mode of PCalc, weather (TWC), a basic news app (USA Today), a GPS and sunrise/sunset app (Nav Clock), astronomy (Star Walk), a good voice recorder (Recorder), a flashlight (MyLite), a full feature alarm (Timewinder), the snow report for Colorado ski resorts, the Colorado Dept of Transportation road report, (which is really a link), Apple’s compass, a car locator (G-Park), movie times (Flixster), some remotes, Skype and Echofon, (but Twitter on iPad), RedLaser, and Urbanspoon. These are apps that I’ll likely need if I’m out and about.

However, I do keep tChess Pro on the iPhone especially for when I’m in a doctor’s or dentist’s waiting room. There’s no better way to speed up time. As always, “the doctor will see you now,” of course, just as I’m closing in on the enemy King. (I keep the app’s ELO below 1800 for that.) Sigh… Other apps that I’ve collected and reviewed, all the other chess apps, some technical reference apps, all my astronomy and science apps, all my favorite news apps and some recipe apps really belong over on the iPad. In fact, with the larger screen and the affordance of folders in iOS 4.x, one can have a very large collection of apps on the iPad. As for the iPhone, I’ve eliminated about half my peak number of apps. No more folders. Now it’s a lean, clean traveling machine. And that’s, after all, what an iPhone should be.

Has this happend to you?

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Shock Me

There are a number of apps I keep on both my iPad and iPhone. Things that share data like Evernote, Drop box,  Air Video.

Things that are tools like calculators, unit converters, voice recorders

Reference sources like wikipedia, Chemtouch, IMDb,Epicurious, Translators

Streaming apps like Hulu, Netflix,I Heart Radio, Spark Radio, Tuner and Pandora

Location based apps like Fandango, Travelocity, Where to?, MapQuest, GPS Drive, Weatherbug, Layar AR,and Urbanspoon

Short games like puzzles Cut the Rope, Angry Birds, Scrabble, Labyrinth, reMovem, Implode, iSlots, Enigmo, Missle Command.

My iPad is loaded with games that take a bit longer Nova HD, Dead Space HD, Infinity Blade, Black Pegasus, as well as HD versions of games like Flicght Control, Marble Mixer, Sim City and Jenga.

Streaming apps like VuDu, ABC, NetFlix, Hulu+, Spark Radio, Air Video, and MovieBuddy.

Book apps like Nook, Kindle, and iBooks

Magazine apps like Zinio, Sports Illustrated, Popular Science+, Wired, Time, Popular Mechanics, Maxim, DC Comics, and two ad Magazines like the Target and Victoria Secret apps.

I’m also heavy on news apps like The Daily, USA Today, NYTimes, WSJ, Bloomberg, BBC News, Pulse SkyGrid, NPR, DVICE, Flipboard, River of News, ABC News, Fox Business, Engadget, and CNN.

Lastly apps that benfit form the larger screen sucjh as PAges, Instapaper, GoodReader, PDF Reader Pro, Evernote, Dragon Dictation, Voice recorder, Live Sketch Jot, SketchBook, Layers Pro, Harmonious, Brushes and PS Express. My favorite new on has to be Magic Piano though.


No, because iThink iPads are for people with too much disposable iNcome. iHave a MacBook, iHave a couple of Mac minis. iDontWant another iDevice.


No need to be criticizing people because they buy what works for them. Sheesh! Can’t even have a civil conversation about Iphone and Mac without trolls complaining about how much money someone makes.

Shock Me

Yes, we should all be grateful that GRaxpoo has taken the time from selecting just the right task killer for his Droid to enlighten us on the perils of being having too much dIsposable income and how we are so stupid as to purchase inexpensive devices that make our lives easier and our various daily transactions more convenient.

If possible, don’t miss an ipad! ipad is so fantastic! now ,i am a ipad user , i use my ipad playing games, whach movies, sending e-mail ect. i maily use my ipad to enjoy movies, as i am a movie fan, i purchase a ipad chair and Aneesoft ipad video converter , i watch videos everyday and i never go to the cinema

Lavinia deVillier

Just want to thank you for your article.I don’t have an iphone, but I want to get one. Since I don’t know much about apps,  I like the ones that you recommended and will be careful not to clutter my phone.
Thanks again.

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