How to Access All Verizon iPad Data Plans

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New owners of 2012 Verizon iPads, take note: you may have more data options available to you than meet the eye. Although initially presenting customers with two choices of monthly data allotment, Verizon actually offers four, but they’re a bit hidden.

When signing up for cellular data for the first time, Verizon customers are presented with 2GB and 5GB monthly data plans for $30 and $50, respectively. We here at TMO thought that was strange, as Verizon had previously announced that four tiers of data would be available for iPad customers, including a 1GB plan at $20 and a 10GB option at $80.

Well, mystery solved, the options are still there, just not available during the initial sign up. To choose the minimum or maximum data option, customers who have already signed up for one of the middle plans can go to Settings > Cellular Data > View Account. There, you can choose to change your plan to one of the aforementioned options, or cancel your account.

Verizon iPad Data Plans

It’s unclear why Verizon hides some of its options upon the initial signup. While we’re sure the wireless giant would tell you that it is presenting “the most popular options” to new customers, it’s also possible that “the most popular” also happen to be the most profitable.


Ross Edwards

Soooo expensive!  Streaming video will never fully supplant optical media until it’s $50-70/mo for family unlimited data, unlimited devices.


I dont get this screen when i go to View account. All i get is something that tells me that i cant manage my data plan on this device. I singed up for the 2 GB a month plan so i should be able to do this.

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