How to Get 1000 Bonus Rollover Minutes from AT&T

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AT&T is offering 1,000 bonus rollover minutes to some subscribers through a text message, but it’s possible to plug into this thank-you promotion even if you didn’t receive the text message yourself. The offer takes up to four weeks to process, and you have until March 31st, 2011 to take advantage of it.

The promotion was first reported by our friends at 9-to-5-Mac, who were able to confirm with AT&T that the offer was legitimately from Apple’s first iPhone carrier (coming from an unbranded SMS ID of 11113020, there was some concern that it may have been a scam of some sort).

Not every AT&T subscriber has received the text, however, but it was quickly discovered that sending a “yes” message to the promotional number 11113020 whether or not you received the invitation allowed users to enroll in the promotion. Two TMO staff members were able to confirm this, as seen in our screenshot below.

AT&T 1,000 Bonus Rollover Minutes

Texting “yes” to 11113020 received the above response from AT&T

That reply took several minutes to arrive, and worked with both “Yes” and “yes.”

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Vern Seward

Ha! Worked for me too. Took about a minute for the reply to…, um, ...reply.

Probably got me signed up for another two years for accepting.

Geez, I’m so easy.


Jeff Gamet

By that screenshot I see Bryan’s signal strength has improved dramatically.


android on ATT got same reply. maybe ittl work smile


Worked for me too…iphone4!


it worked for our Family Plan, too (iPhone 4, iPhone original & 3 other non-iPhones).

Thank you, Bryan & AT&T!


Will it work from Samsung Galaxy phone with ATT connection ?


sent “yes” message to 11113020 and got the same reply message.
samsung galaxy s captivate

Lee Dronick

I just now got the text and replied yes.

I have not yet dipped into my rollover minutes which are currently up to 3854, before this 1000 minute offer

Lovering Tom

I just sent the yes and the Thank You came back instantly with the 1000 roll-over minutes

Michael Essex

I would really like to know exactly what I am saying “yes” to, before I send any message.

Lee Dronick

I would really like to know exactly what I am saying ?yes? to, before I send any message.

This is the text that I received:

“AT&T Free Msg: You’re a valued AT&T customer. We’d like to add 1000 bonus Rollover minutes to the mobile number ending in 3035. There’s NO cost or obligation to you. It’s our way of saying thank you. To have your minutes added, reply YES by 3/31/2011. Reply stop to end mktg msgs.”

I think that they are trying to keep us from jumping ship to Verizon. I don’t know how it is with other users, or even if there is any data about it, but I have never used any my rollover minutes. So their offer may be a very inexpensive way to make us think that they are being magnanimous.

Note they are also offering free mobile to any mobile minutes if you meet certain conditions in your service agreement. Another probably inexpensive for them way to keep you onboard.

Even though my two year contract has long since expired I am not going to be leaving AT&T for Verizon in the foreseeable future. I have generally had very good service, with few dropped calls that have plagued some users. More importantly I am one who finds the ability to make voice calls while using data service to be very handy, if not important.


Yup, it worked.

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