How to Get Mailing Lists for Email in iOS

iOS Mailing ListsImage via Shutterstock.

With iOS and iDevices becoming more capable every year, more people are switching to an iPad or iPhone as their primary means of communication and productivity. Unfortunately for users who rely on email, the Mail app on iOS does not currently support mailing lists, requiring users to manually enter the email addresses of the multiple individuals they wish to contact each time.

Thankfully, MacCast’s Adam Christianson found a workaround that enables email list-like functionality on iOS. 

First, open Notes on your iDevice and type out each email address separated by commas.

iOS Mailing List Workaround

Next, use “select all” to grab the entire list and then copy it.

Head over to Contacts, and create a new contact. Use the “Company” field to name the contact according to the mailing list you wish to create—in this case I used “TMO Staff.” Then, in the email field, paste the list of addresses you copied from Notes and save the contact.

Now, head into Mail and create a new message. In the “To” field, find and select the contact we created in the previous step.

iOS Mailing List Workaround

Type out your message and press “send.” You’ll get a warning dialog stating that the email address is invalid. Ignore it and press “Send.” Your email will be delivered to the message’s recipients identified in the mailing list contact you created.

iOS Mailing List

It’s not a perfect solution, but until Apple adds this functionality to iOS, it will save some folks plenty of time.