How to Remove & Clean Up “Find My iPhone” Devices

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Apple’s “Find My iPhone” is a great feature that helps users track stolen or misplaced iPhones, iPads, and, with iCloud, Macs. It’s also a great way for families to keep track of each other.

If you’re like us, however, and you have many Apple products that you’ve churned through over the years, your device list has begun to look like this:

Find My iPhone

Old devices that have since been sold, donated, destroyed, etc. clutter up your “My Devices” list, making it more annoying and difficult to quickly select and find the device you’re looking for.

Thankfully, Apple has enabled users to remove old and inactive devices from this list in one of two ways: using the web interface or the Find My iPhone app for iOS.

First, using the web interface, log in to your iCloud account at and click on “Find My iPhone.”

All of the devices you’ve ever logged in to with your iCloud account (and enabled the Find My iPhone feature on) will be presented in the list on the left. Select a device you no longer need on the list and press the small “X” that appears to the right.

Find My iPhone Device Removal

You’ll get a dialog asking you to confirm that you’d like to remove the device. It also notifies you that the device will be added to the My Devices list again if it reappears online while logged in to your iCloud account, reassuring you that a device can be recovered if it’s accidentally deleted.

Remove Confirmation

Once you click “Remove,” the device will disappear from the list. Repeat this process for the remaining devices you wish to get rid of.

You can also remove devices from your list using the Find My iPhone iOS app.

Open the app and log in with your iCloud credentials. Once loaded, click the “Devices” button in the upper left corner. The same list of devices that you would find in the iCloud web interface will be presented here.

Find My iPhone iOS

Find the device you’d like to remove and then swipe your finger from left to right across the device’s entry in the list. A red “Delete” button will appear on the right.

Delete Device from iOS

Click “Delete” and you’ll get a similar dialog to the one presented by the web interface. Click “Remove” and the device will disappear from the list. Repeat for the remaining devices.

Remove Confirmation iOS

Once all the extra devices are gone, you’ll be left with a nice and tidy list of only your current devices.

Clean Up Find My iPhone

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Melissa Holt

You taught me something today, Jim, so thanks. smile


My Iphone was stolen today, in my haste to try and track it on Find My Iphone, i accidentally removed the device from my device list.. Is it still possible for the Find My Iphone service to find my phone? If the phone is switched on, will it pick up a signal again? Please help…

Melissa Holt

Hey Jacqui,

Yikes, I’m sorry!

Apple says this:

Once you remove a device, it will automatically be added again the next time the device connects to the Internet, as long as your iCloud membername and password are configured on the device under iCloud Settings > General.

(Check out this page for more details.)

So it sounds like the device will show up again when it connects to the Internet. I’m not sure, though, if this applies to the Find My iPhone app as well as iCloud. Here’s the support article on that.

Hope that helps, and good luck getting your phone back!



Very helpful!


This no longer works on iOS 6.


I just got a free iTunes code from

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