How to Share Your Dropbox Files with Shareable Links

Popular data storage and syncing service Dropbox is a great way to manage your own files, but it also has some powerful features for sharing files with others.

The traditional method of sharing files via Dropbox is to create a public folder, with multiple users able to access and modify the contents of that folder. But what if you just want to share a single file? Mac Geek Gab listener Jedd writes in with a solution.

In addition to public folders, Dropbox can be used to create shareable links to individual files or folders stored in your Dropbox account. A shareable link can be created either from Finder on your local Mac or via the Dropbox web interface.

To create a link using your Mac, navigate to your Dropbox folder using Finder. Once inside, right-click on any file or folder and choose “Get Shareable Link.” This will open a web browser window with a link to your file or folder at the top of the page.

Create Shareable Link with Dropbox

Alternatively, you can use the Dropbox web interface to achieve the same result. First, log into your Dropbox account using their website and then choose the “Files” tab to view the content you currently have stored on the service.

Navigate to the file or folder you wish to share and, once highlighted, click “Get shareable link” from the menu on the right. This will open the same web browser window as before, with your shareable link at the top of the page.

Create Shareable Link with Dropbox Web Interface

Once you no longer wish to have the files shared, you can kill the links by navigating to the “Linked Items” section of the Sharing tab in the Dropbox web interface and clicking “Remove.”

Remove Shareable Dropbox Link

Thanks, Jedd, for the great tip.


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