Howcast, Survival WikiHow, Secrets Xposed! Free & More

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

Obviously, there are many ways to love someone. Alternatively, Paul Simon has shown us that there are at least 50 ways to leave your lover.

I’ve been told that there is more that one way to skin a cat, so I would imagine skinning them is much easier than herding them.

You can butter your bread before or after toasting it, eat corn flakes for breakfast lunch or dinner, and try at least 10 different cures for the hiccups, but seldom do we know which way of doing things is the right, or better yet, the best way.

Experience is a great teacher, the older we get the more time we spend in her classroom, and even if we don’t pay attention to the lesson of the moment, much of what she teaches us sticks, and we learn something whether we realize it or not.

The problem is that we often don’t have he time or inclination to wait for a particular lesson Experience needs to teach us, we need to know now how best to make potato salad, or the best way to eat spiders, or how to practice the best etiquette on a nude beach right now. Sometimes things just can’t wait.

You could ask your best friend these questions (as he scratches his naughty bits in public you may reconsider the depth of your friendship, and whether to shake his hand), or you could ask your mom (who will never look at you the same way again after she learns about the nude beach thing), but there are some questions that are best left unasked verbally. For those questions you need Howcast.

Howcast is a collection of short videos that gives you the straight poop on those burning and sometimes embarrassing questions.

Need to break up with your significant other long distance? ( There are extenuating circumstances, right? Your mom’s cat died and you had to fly to Milwaukee to console her.) Howcast offers up the best way to not look like a total scumbag while virtually giving your partner his or her walking papers.

Getting on a plane that looks like it shouldn’t be allowed to taxi, much less take off? Check out the Howcast on how to survive a plane crash. (Note: It may be best to review the video BEFORE you board the plane.)

You’ve a cute puppy that just made a soggy rawhide chew toy out of your $500 pair of Chanel alligator and python pumps? Howcast teaches you how to train Mopsey not to chew on your nice shoes.

It’s all free, and all useful, or at least fun and good to know just in case.

Grab the Howcast app, available for both iPhone and iPad, and always be in the know.

What if you have questions that Howcast has no answer for? Like how to survive an alligator attack, how to avoid crashing into a moose?

For these you may get some info in Howcast, but you’ll get much more from Survival WikiHow, a free iPhone app that no iPhone should be without, especially if you believe that a moose collision is imminent.

Like Howcast, WikiHow offers up info on a variety of common and not so common situations where your survival or the survival of those close to you is at stake.

There’s a lot of information in WikiHow, so it is best to read ahead if you know, for instance, that you’ll be camping in the Canadian Wilderness where grizzly bears tend to hang out. And because it’s an app that you’ll keep on your iPhone, you’ll have it as a handy reference when you need it.

Pick up Survival WikiHow if surviving may become an issue for you.

Knowing how to handle a snake bite is a good thing, but you might also want to know how you can get those cute little emoticons when you text someone from your iPhone. Or maybe you wish there was a faster way to get to the top of a long listing, like your contact list, on your iPhone. Well, as you might expect, there’s an app for that, and it’s free. For this you need Secrets Xposed! Free.

Admittedly, Secrets Xposed! Free isn’t much of an app, it simply lists 10 or so “secrets” about your iPhone that you may or may not know, and prompts you to buy the full version, it also has big ugly ads. If you already know these gems then move on, but if you feel you could use your wunderphone more efficiently then this app may help.

Be warned that the app turns on your iPhone’s ability to display emoticons (called emoji on the Japanese keyboard). With emoji enabled and if you activate the special Japanese keyboard designed just for emoticons, you’ll be able to send and receive over 100 cool little graphics. Note that only iPhone users can receive these emoticons, anyone else getting them will see gibberish, and that’s because they are not an international keyboard standard. That’s a shame.

Anyway, learn new tricks you never knew your iPhone could do. Get Secrets Xposed! Free.

One last note about Secrets Exposed! Free, once you’ve loaded the app and learned all the secrets it has to offer you can delete it and your ability to use emoticons will remain.

OK, that’s a wrap for this week.

Well, not quite…

Lots going on this week in the world of Apple: New OS for Apple mobile device (iOS 4), the latest iteration of the iPhone was released yesterday, and apps galore are being released to take advantage of iPhone 4’s better display and multitasking. I have a horror story that I’ll tell you all about soon, but the gist is that I will NEVER, EVER stand in line for another device again. Not ever.

More free stuff, podcasts this time, below with direct links.