HP: Our PC Business Will Stay on Top

HP logoHP is planning on spinning off its personal computer business, and Todd Bradley, HP’s Personal Systems Group leader, thinks the company’s computers will continue to be best sellers around the world.

HP’s Personal Systems Group, the division that’s responsible for personal computers, will give shareholders the “best value,” Mr. Bradley told Reuters. Running the division as an independent company instead of selling it off to a competitor makes more sense for investors, he thinks.

Offering up a different kind of optimism than his superiors, Mr. Bradley thinks spinning off HP’s PC business could revive the company’s TouchPad tablet, too. HP killed the TouchPad less than 50 days after it came to market and dropped the tablet’s US$499 price point down to $99 to clear out the inventory.

By letting the PSG division run as its own company, Mr. Bradley reckons, it could bring back the TouchPad to compete with Apple’s iPad for at least a little longer than it did the first time around.

HP hasn’t officially decided what will happen with its PSG division. The company’s board of directors is scheduled to meet in December to determine the division’s fate.