HP Releases Slate Videos Touting Flash Support

Hewlett-Packard has released a pair of videos touting its forthcoming Slate tablet, which it introduced in conjunction with Microsoft at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. Both of them tout Slate’s ability to “access the full web, not just a part of it,” as Adobe’s Alan Tam says in the video while demonstrating Flash and AIR, which lets Flash applications run outside of a browser.

PC World’s David Coursey saw the videos’ release as a pre-emptive strike against the iPad’s April 3 shipping date. One of them is a 30-second TV commercial and the other, Tam’s piece, runs about five minutes. Mr. Coursey admitted that “Apple provides a very decent user experience without [Flash on the iPhone],” but he said that Mr. Tam’s demonstration made him “rethink any plans I might have had about purchasing an iPad.”

He added: “It may be that the iPhone experience will have trouble scaling up to user expectations of a larger-screen device. Windows 7, meanwhile, may have trouble appearing to be truly optimized for a tablet. While both the HP Slate and Apple iPad will offer much the same functionality, the user experience appears very different.”

Both videos are available for viewing in Mr. Coursey's article.