Hulu Intros Desktop App for the Mac

Mac-toting TV fans received a little present from Hulu in the form of Hulu Desktop for Mac. The application lets viewers stream TV shows and movies from the Hulu Web site to their Mac without using a Web browser.

Hulu Desktop can display content in a window or full screen, is compatible with the Apple Remote, lets users rate videos and view content from their queue and manage their show subscriptions, and more.

The application requires at least a 2.0GHz Intel Core Duo processor, Mac OS X 10.4, Flash 9.0.124, and a 2 Mbps Internet connection. While the processor requirements may appear steep on first glance, Intel's 2.0GHz Core Duo processor is older and slower than the current Core 2 Duo chips used in Macs today, and can be found in models like the 2006-era MacBook.

Hulu's ad-based streaming system has been gaining popularity since its launch, and the new desktop-based application could help increase that popularity even more since it offers a more traditional TV viewing feel that isn't available when using a Web browser.

If Apple and Hulu were to strike a deal to bring Hulu Desktop to the Apple TV, Apple's "hobby" could start down the path to becoming a true replacement for other home entertainment devices.