Hulu Plus Comes to Apple TV

Apple quietly updated the Apple TV overnight to include a new Hulu Plus channel. The update gives Apple TV owners a new way to watch network television shows and movies on demand, and to see old shows that may not be available through Netflix streaming.

Apple TV gets Hulu Plus channelApple TV gets Hulu Plus channel

Hulu Plus costs US$7.99 a month and offers shows such as “The Office,” “South Park,” “Family Guy,” “The Daily Show,” and “The Colbert Report.”

Users may need to reboot their Apple TV before the Hulu Plus channel shows up.

Apple TV is Apple’s set top home entertainment box that supports streaming TV shows, movies, music and podcasts from iTunes, and offers TV and movie rentals through the iTunes Store. It also includes several Internet channels built-in for services such as Netflix, YouTube, NHL, NBA and Major League Baseball.

With the addition of Hulu Plus to Apple TV, Apple has given users another reason to drop traditional cable TV packages and turn to streaming content instead.