Hulu Plus Goes Official, Drops Price

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Hulu’s Hulu Plus subscription service officially ended its trial phase on Tuesday, and brought with it a welcome price drop from US$9.99 down to $7.99 a month. Hulu Plus is a monthly subscription service for watching TV shows online via the iPhone, iPod touch and Sony PS3.

Hulu Plus on the iPad

Along with the lower monthly subscription, Hulu is offering a one week free trial to try to draw more subscribers in, and is refunding the price difference to current subscribers that paid before the price drop was announced.

Hulu is also adding Roku support, and TiVo Premier support is on the way, too. Current and past shows are available from several networks such as NBC, Fox and ABC.

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To bad there is no recognizable content. Unlike the PC version, hardly anything from Hulu is watchable on plus. There want even 1 movie I could recognize. Oh and they charge for it. Where as its free from pc with more content.


Yeah, even after the beta and presumably, feedback (read: ‘backlash’) from all quarters; their model is still a head scratcher; vis-?-vis Netflix, for example. It still shows advertisements for a paid service that doesn’t seriously undercut the latter’s pricing and, other than ‘ubiquity’ on mobile devices/appliances, shows little or no improvement content-wise over it’s browser-bound homologue.

Perhaps they figured the ads amounted to $2 of revenue monthly and decided to factor it in, so this pricing concession might seem like a huge deal for them, but means nothing to the user; it fails to put the user experience (and perceived value proposition) foremost.

I’m fairly certain they would have had at least double the (paid) interest at the US$4.99 price point floated earlier in the rumor mill. In the end hulu is just the content-providers failing to recognize they are not providing (new) content for the most part, just a time-shift convenience for mostly/nominally OTA programming. Don’t expect them to wrap their heads around that anytime soon.

In this, hulu is somewhat analogous to the carrier/dumb pipe debacle: with a little more hardware upfront and software you could legally capture/timeshift/stream to yourself without giving the providers a penny, just like you can make phone calls over IP without incurring charges or legal wrath.

Dave Hamilton

Hulu now also has a referral program that gets both the referrer and the referred (new user) 2 extra weeks as part of their subscription. For those of you needing a code, mine is—That’s good for *both* of us. wink


I have a referral, don’t bother with Hulu Plus!!! We pay for enough content on the web, and they block everyone from watching so who needs them.


What’s is the funny of this thing except that fact that it is free during one month which every user will spend on looking on tits of that woman on screensaver?

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