Hulu to Launch Subscription Service

The online streaming video service Hulu plans to start charging a monthly fee to watch some of the TV shows it hosts. The US$9.95 monthly subscription fee is set to enter a test phase as early as May 24, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Hulu plans to show the five most recent episodes of popular TV shows for free, and additional show episodes will be available only to subscribers. Shows like Glee, Lost and Saturday Night Live are expected to be included in the subscription service.

Despite the fact that Hulu plans to start charging for at least some of its content, commercials will still be included in shows. The company is expected to eventually ramp up the number of commercials it shows to match broadcast television, too.

Assuming viewers sign up for the company’s subscription service, that could translate into even more money for studios. Hulu has already generated over $100 million in advertising revenue, and the studios would like to see even more.