HumanSoftware Edit Plugin Update for Aperture Adds New Editing Features

HumanSoftware released an update to HumanSoftware Edit for Apple Aperture on Mac Leopard on Wednesday. Version 1.75 of the software brings many new features and new editing options for use in Aperture.

New features in the release include:

  • Depth of Field
  • Correct Lens Distortion
  • HyperFocal
  • Image DeNoising
  • Add Multiple Lights Effects on Photos
  • Image Resizing on batch of Images
  • Black & White & MultiTones
  • Image ReFocusing
  • Grid Distortion
  • Edit MagicFrames
  • Edit ClassicFrames
  • Add Fractals
  • Edit Fractals
  • Edit Surfaces
  • Edit Toolbox

Version 1.75 also enables users to purchase 2 additional add-on modules – Image Enhancer and MultiCurves. Image Enhancer lets users enhance image colors, contrast and dynamics, while preserving the overall quality of images. MultiCurves enables color correction in an intuitive manner.

HSC Edit 1.75 is available for download at US$79.95 per module, US$39.95 for the Multi-Curves module and US$59.95 for the Image Enhancer or $299.95 as a bundle from HumanSoftware.