HyperMac Rebranding as HyperJuice in Apple Patent Battle

HyperMac, the company that ran afoul of Apple’s legal team over its use of MagSafe connectors, announced on Monday that it will be changing its name to HyperJuice. Today is also the last day the company will sell battery charger cables with MagSafe connectors.

Apple filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Sanho, the maker of HyperMac portable battery chargers, in late September. According to the filing, the HyperMac product line infringes on six different patents related to Apple’s MagSafe charger connector, the iPod and iPhone dock connector, and cables.

HyperJuice: the new HyperMac

The HyperMac product line included several sizes of portable chargers for Apple’s MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, as well as the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and iPod.

Since Apple’s laptops all use a proprietary magnetic charger connector, Sanho had been collecting and using cables built by Apple in its own products. Apple claimed in its lawsuit the Sanho and HyperMac don’t have permission to use the cables and MagSafe connectors culled from other sources.

Sanho and HyperMac said the planned name change is part of their “ongoing comprehensive licensing negotiations” with Apple.