Hyundai Sonata to get CarPlay Support via Software Update

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Hyundai plans to make good on its two-year old promise to offer Apple CarPlay support on some of its models, and they're planning on doing that in early 2016 through a software update. The update will be limited to certain 2015 and 2016 Sonata models with in-dash displays.

Apple CarPlay finally coming to HyundaiAccording to USA TODAY, the update will be available on an SD card car owners will have to buy, which contradicts the Hyundai's earlier claims that it would be available for free.

The car maker is saying the update will be available some time in the first quarter of 2016. Leaving the release window vague makes sense considering the company was quick to announce CarPlay support in 2014, but still hasn't delivered.

CarPlay is a platform Apple introduced that lets iPhone owners link their smartphone to their car and control it through an in-dash interface. Users can get directions, answer phone calls, reply to text messages, and listen to music using Siri spoken commands, touch screen taps, or dashboard and steering wheel-mounted controls.

CarPlay has been slow to take off, but more car makers seem to be getting on board. With the introduction of iOS 9, CarPlay supports wireless connections, which manufacturers haven't taken up yet, either.

Hyundai isn't saying how much it's going to charge Sonata owners for the CarPlay software update. Since it's a software-only update, it should be cheaper than having to take your car to a dealer to get the head unit replaced.

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CarPlay hasn't taken off in a big way, so it's nice to see Hyundai finally getting serious about supporting the feature. That's one more car maker on board.

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Vendor-supplied infotainment is in a sad state.  It feels like 2006 with cell phones-  every company has half-assed ideas and they all think it doesn’t matter that much.

My wife’s 2015 Subaru has Starlink. It essentially provides yet another way to play your music through your car (and not a lot else). Look at the app ratings- there are dozens of people scratching their heads.  So you could learn how to use Starlink, or um.. use bluetooth.. which you probably already know how to use. 

I can say that if there were a paid upgrade for her Subaru to get Carplay or Android Auto, I’d do it right away.  (Okay… we’d have to think about that second option.)


I can confirm that GM has Bluetooth enabled connectivity on GMC, Chevrolet SUV and other models. It has worked flawlessly on the GMC Terrain we bought last week. Music, phone, navigation and other features can be accessed by voice command which is opened by a button on the steering wheel while my phone is connected over Bluetooth.

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