iCalShare Adds Calendar Previews To Its Online Calendar Depository

iCalShare, an online place to share calendars for use in Appleis iCal and other vCal compatible software, has added the ability to preview calendars before you download them. In addition, you can now look at the most popular and most recent calendars on the site. From iCalShare:

iCalShare is proud to introduce our newest feature ? calendar previews.

With calendar previews, you can now preview calendar content without the fuss of launching iCal and subscribing to every calendar you find interesting.

To preview a specific calendar, just browse to the calendar that interests you and click on the iPreview calendari link. Once you do, our handy calendar viewer will magically appear!

Weive also added two new ways to browse our calendar library. Our iTop Calendarsi page lists the most popular calendars on iCalShare, while the iRecent Calendarsi page is a quick list of newer arrivals.

ABOUT ICALSHARE iCalShare (www.icalshare.com) is the largest directory of shareable calendars on the web.

The site, launched in September 2002, contains over 1250 calendars in more than 30 different categories. Calendars are free to download and can be used with such applications as Appleis iCal and Mozilla Calendar.

iCalShare has appeared in Macworld, MacAddict, and WIRED News. The site was also recently featured in Steve Jobsi keynote speech at Macworld San Francisco 2003.

You can get more information and start browsing through the collection of calendars at iCalShareis Web site.