iCanary 1.0 Now Shipping For FileMaker Developers

Secret Weapon Labs has released a new app for Mac users, iCanary 1.0. iCanary is a utility designed for testing FileMaker database security. The app features support for remote and locally hosted database testing as well as determining available data via various routes. Secret Weapon Labs:

Secret Weapon Labs today unleashed a new and exciting product named iCanary.

iCanary is designed to be the premiere solution for helping FileMaker developers determine and improve the security of their databases.

iCanary 1.0 performs a number of simple and complex tests on remote and locally hosted FileMaker databases to display the security holes poor programming and design can open.

iCanary 1.0 currently offers developers the ability to mine into their Filemaker solutions to determine the state of the FileMaker environment and most importantly what data is available, including but not limited to field calculations, all database fields, and all database layouts for any open FileMaker file.

You can find more information about the iCanary release at the Secret Weapon Labs Web site. iCanary is available for US$19.00 until September 21st.