iClock Menu Bar Clock Updated to Version 2

Script Software has announced a new version of iClock, the companyis menu bar clock replacement. The new version, version 2.0, includes many new features and other enhancements.

iClock offers floating clocks, time zone information, several different display options for your menu bar clock, calendars, alarms, reminders, and more. New in version 2.0:

Changes Log for V2.0

  • Hot Keys are back.
  • Recurring Alarms and new chiming options.
  • Editors for warn me times and titles options.
  • New floating clocks faces, second hand option, Show/Hide AM/PM.
  • Calendar Theme downloading.
  • Improved layout option for calendar

For a full list of all the changes, visit the iClock Web page at Script Softwareis Web site. iClock is priced at US$20.