iCompositions Posts Jam Pack 3 Index

The folks at iCompositions have posted an index of all the loops and instruments included in Jam Pack 3. Jam Pack 3 is the most recent add-on pack for Appleis GarageBand recording software, and it includes "more than 1,000 drum beats and fills and more than 1,000 bass lines," as well as new instruments. It does not, however, include an index of all the contents, making iCompositionsi listing all the more handy. From iCompositions:

iCompositions, the premier desitnation for users of Appleis GarageBand, has posted the internetis first complete listing of Jam Pack 3: Rhythm Sectionis contents including loops and software instruments. This ariticle is a resource for potential buyers of any of the GarageBand Jam Packs. iCompositions has said that it is working on a similar analysis of Jam Pack 2: Remix Tools.

You can find the index at iCompositionsi Web site.

You can find more information on Jam Pack 3 at Appleis GarageBand Web site. The product lists for US$99 from Apple (US$99 - Amazon), and requires GarageBand, which itself is part of iLife i04, which lists for US$49 from Apple (US$45.99 from Amazon, add it to your shopping cart to see the discounted price).