iData Pro Updated With Expanded Palm Support

Casady & Greene, Inc. had released an update for iData Pro, bringing it to version 1.0.4. iData Pro is a digital Rolodex designed for storing and searching information. The update features expanded Palm connectivity, bug fixes, and other enhancements. According to Casady & Greene:

Casady & Greene, Inc. announces a new version release of iData Pro for Mac OS X!

iData Pro is the next generation of InfoGenie, QuickDex and Super QuickDex. Itis is an easy-to-use database for keeping track of just about any kind of information! Its lightning-fast search engine finds whole records of information or bits and pieces of information (including "And" boolean searches) in seconds!

New iData Pro for Mac OS X version 1.0.4 features:

  • Palm connectivity for Palm OS compatible handheld devices such as Palm, Handspring, etc.
  • The ability to import Mac OS X Mail mailboxes
  • Improved Help Book and Online Help to be Jaguar compliant
  • AppleScript support
  • Improved performance when navigating datafiles
  • Fixes requested by users for a number of minor issues, and more!

You can find more information about iData Pro update at the Casady & Greene Web site. iData 1.0.4 is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$39.95.