Posts Mac Satire In The Form Of "Text Adventure Game"

Carlos Camacho of has posted a fairly brilliant piece of satire on the current state of the Mac and Apple. is a Web site dedicated to Mac game developers, but this piece hits hard at several aspects of Apple in the form of a Text Adventure Game, or MUD. Itis part criticism, part praise, mostly humor, very subtle, and lots of fun. According to

Although 3d and RTS games are the rage these days. I feel there is still a strong market for Text Adventures. We are skipping the BETA testing phase and going straight to market with this title. If the response from the market is good, I may write a Post-mortem for this game. You can get the source code by using Page Source in your browseris menu after clicking on the link below. I developed the game on a G3 running Mac OS 9.04. My development tool was SimpleText but it should work fine on Mac OS X.

You can read the piece at Check it out and enjoy!

iDevGames has also posted a straight editorial on Mac gaming called Know Thy Market that you may find interesting.