iDevGames Launches 3D Game Creation Contest

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iDevGames on Wednesday launched 3DU, a contest that challenges developers to create 3D Mac games in 30 days with Over the Edge Entertainmentis development tool Unity Pro. Over the Edge is sponsoring the contest, which includes a free version of its software to all entrants. Other tools may also be used.

The application deadline is Dec. 18, while the contest ends on Dec. 22. The first-place winner will receive Unity Pro, which is valued at US$1,499, as well as an ATI Radeon X1900 XTI video card, valued at $399. Second and third place get Unity Indie ($249) and the ATI Radeon X1900 XTI video card. All qualifying entrants get a nine-month license for Unity Indie.

All entries must be Universal Binaries, must be in 3D, canit have been publicly distributed before the contest started, canit be larger than 30MB as a compressed .zip or .dmg file, and must be available for download until Jan. 21, 2007. More information on entering the contest can be found at the iDevGames forum.

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