iDevGames Launches "Programming Mini-Contest" For Mac Game Developers

Our friends at iDevGames have announced a new "mini-contest" for Mac game developers. Called "21 Days Later," the first of these new mini-contests has a theme set around making a vector-graphics game. There arenit a lot of prizes for this mini-contest, at least not yet, but iDevGames is offering the winner the chance to see their name in virtual lights! From iDevGames:

iDevGames is proud to announce the official opening of a new contest, "21 Days Later", a programming mini-contest that is designed to motivate and educate Mac game developers. The contest also aims to harness the power of the iDevGamesi community to help promote Mac gaming. As with iDevGamesi uDevGames Contest, "21 Days Later" is open to developers from around the globe and the source code from all entries will be released as open-source.

The theme of the first "21 Days Later Contest" is called "Vectorized" and it challenges developers to go retro by programming a game that captures the glory and spirit of vector-graphic style gaming. More information about the competition and how to enter can be found at the official "21 Days Later Contest" home page:

"Since its inception, our main annual contest, uDevGames, has won accolades from gamers, sponsors, and developers in the Macintosh community. The "21 Days Later Contest" continues that tradition but with a focus on the creation of small fun games all under 2.1 MiB!", said Carlos Camacho, Editor-in-Chief.

You can find more information on the contest at the iDevGames Web site.