iDisk Utility For Windows XP Eases XP Access To Shared Info

Many Mac users are forced to use something other than their computer of choice when not at home. Until recently, if the computer was a Windows machine you were out of luck if you wanted to share files using your iDisk. As OS X progressed, so did its compatibility with the various flavors of Windows, and now iDisks can share info with Macs and PCs alike with little fanfare. To make it even easier to share your iDisks data with Windows XP systems, Apple has released an iDisk utility specifically for use with Windows XP machines. From Apple:

The new iDisk Utility for Windows XP provides access to your iDisk contents from within the Windows XP operating system and makes it simple for the Windows XP users you share files with to access and use your iDisk Public folder. Just send them to where they can download a copy for their use.

Once itis installed, you can launch it, enter a .Mac member name, and press a button to cause the appropriate iDisk contents to show up at the "My Computer" level in the file system. If youive used the more powerful Mac version of iDisk Utility to give users the right to drop files in your Public folder as well as drag them out, that same ability will extend to Windows XP users. Just donit forget to tell them the Public folder password if you assigned one.

Go to Appleis .Mac Web site for more information and download links about the iDisk Utility for Windows XP.