iFizzle Fizzles Out

The iFizzle Web site, which emulated Mac OS X in a Web browser, has shut down with only a notice that the site is closed until further notice. Johnathon Schlemmer, the siteis owner and developer, used iFizzle to solicit donations so that he could purchase a new Mac.

iFizzle then...

Since Mr. Schlemmeris site offers no additional information about why it is closed, some people that donated money are upset, fearing that they were scammed. An article on Digg.com includes comments from upset donors as well as comments from people claiming to be Mr. Schlemmeris friends. One post states that Apple forced him to shut down iFizzle.

...and now.

Regardless of the reasons for developing and then later shutting down the site, iFizzle was a clever implementation of the Mac OS X interface with familiar interface elements like openable folders and the Dock.

Mr. Schlemmer has not yet responded to TMOis request for additional information.