iListen Close To Supporting German, Spanish

MacSpeech, makers of the Mac only dictation program iListen, gave demonstrations of the iListen product working in both German and Spanish at last weekis MACWORLD Expo. iListen allows users to dictate anywhere in the system that they might otherwise type, and also adds the ability to command and control certain aspects of the OS. According to MacSpeech:

Macintosh speechrecognition authority, MacSpeech, Inc. demonstrated its exclusiveTalkAnywhere? technology in both Spanish and German at the recent MacworldExpo in San Francisco. MacSpeech previously demonstrated its TalkAnywheretechnology in French at last fall1s Apple Expo Paris.TalkAnywhere allows the user to dictate into virtually any Macintoshapplication that normally allows text entry using a keyboard."Support for non-English languages is very important to us" said MacSpeechChief Evangelist Chuck Rogers. "Nearly fifty percent of Apple1s sales comefrom non-English speaking countries. The vast majority of Macintosh usershave been required to speak English in order to use dictation software. Weare out to change that."

MacSpeech also announced the development of 21 newScriptPaks for its popular iListen and free ListenDo! programs. ScriptPaksenhance the user1s ability to Command & Control the application for which itwas written. The new ScriptPaks enhance voice control of the followingapplications:

America Online 5.0 - AppleWorks 6 - FileMaker Pro 5.0 - Final Draft 5.0 - iCab - iLiner 1.1 - Internet Explorer 5.0 - Microsoft Entourage 2001 - Microsoft Excel 2001 - Microsoft PowerPoint 2001 - Microsoft Word 2001 - MYOB Plus - Netscape 6 - Nisus Email - Nisus Writer - Palm Desktop - QuarkXPress - Quicken Deluxe 2000 - Quicken Deluxe 2001 - Spaceward Ho! - Street Atlas USA 6.0

The ScriptPaks will be available as soon as external testing is complete,which should take about a month, said Rogers. The ScriptPaks will work witheither MacSpeech1s free PlainTalk-enhancement, ListenDo!, or their recentlyreleased iListen.

iListen is available for US$99.95 as an electronic download, and US$109.95 on CD. You can find more information at the MacSpeech Web site.