iListen Gets An Ear For Italian

MacSpeech, Inc. and Active have released a new language version of iListen 1.5.2. iListen is a verbal text utility designed to allow direct speech translation to text on Mac OS X. The latest ported language features Italian dictation support. According to MacSpeech:

Active today announced the availability of the Italian version of iListen from MacSpeech.

Following through on its mission to bring fully localized software for Italian Macintosh users, Active introduces iListen, fully localized in Italian, which permits Continuous Speech Dictation and Voice Command & Control on your Mac.

The program, after a short training session, permits you to dictate directly into practically any Mac application.

It is available both for Mac OS Classic and Mac OS X and is fully compatible with Jaguar, (Mac OS X 10.2.x)

Thanks to the co-operation between Philips, MacSpeech and Active, Italian Mac users will be able to use their computers to dictate in Italian, with speeds up to 140 cps.

You can find more information about iListen at the MacSpeech, Inc. Web site. iListen 1.5.2 is available for US$99.00.