iListen Gets Some UK G's

MacSpeech, Inc. has released European versions of iListen 1.5.2. iListen is a verbal text utility designed to allow direct speech translation to text on Mac OS X. The expanded compatibility supports UK G3 and G4is. According to MacSpeech:

MacSpeech is pleased to announce the release of UK English continuous speech recognition for Apple G3 and G4 computers running on the recently released Jaguar OSX operating system as well as Mac OS9.

This ground breaking software forms the basis for a series of European languages, including Dutch, Italian, German, Spanish, French etc. and will offer multilingual users the ability to switch dictation languages, even in the same document.

The software has undergone three years of intensive development and testing specifically for the Mac platform and offers the unique ability to dictate into almost any program, with speed and accuracy.

At the same time, a user may opt to control the program they are dictating into as well as the Apple operating system, allowing users with limited or restricted hand movement the ability to use and command their computer.

You can find more information about iListen at the MacSpeech, Inc. Web site. iListen 1.5.2 is available for US$99.00.