iListen Getting Ready For Prime Time

After making waves at this past summeris MACWORLD NY by giving away free copies of the new speech recognition program, iListen, MacSpeech is preparing to release the final version of iListen 1.0. The latest version, Preview Release 3, promises greater speech recognition, improved speed and performance, and a host of new features. MacSpeech has stated that this is the last preview version of iListen, with feedback implemented into the soon-to-ship final version. According to MacSpeech:

Macintosh speech recognition authority, MacSpeech, Inc., announces the availability of iListen PR3, its next generation speech recognition program. This will be the last preview release before the final version is ready for shipping.

"iListen PR3 builds on our highly successful PR1 release, and our PR2 updater which was released last month," said MacSpeech Chief Evangelist Chuck Rogers. "In addition to allowing the user to dictate into virtually any Macintosh application, this release is more stable, improves accuracy, and adds the ability to spell uncommon words or names,? said Rogers.

iListen PR3 is being released as both a full installer and an updater. Only those with an iListen PR1 CD who have already updated to PR2 will be able to use the updater. All others can download the full installer from our web site. ?We wanted as many people as possible to take advantage of the Preview Release in preparation for the shipping version.? said Rogers. Users with broadband Internet access can download the PR3 release from Other users can still order the PR1 CD, and download the PR2 and PR3 updaters, to get a full PR3 release.

iListen was developed in partnership with Philips Speech Processing, using their FreeSpeech 2000 speech engine. Philips is a global market leader in speech recognition, natural dialogue and language understanding technologies.

You can find more information about iListen at the MacSpeech web site.