iMac Makes ABC's Tech Coverage As "Best Windowing OS On The Market"

Tim Bajarin, of ABC News, has rediscovered the Mac. In an article titled iKiller Apps: New Macs Set to Conquer PC Marketi, Mr. Bajarin offers the mainstream world another positive look at the Mac platform. From that article:

Although Appleis mainstream PowerBooks are great products in their own right, it is the PowerBook Titanium version that has become an important tool for me.

Granted, I am not a normal PC user. I have at my disposal at any given time five of the hottest and newest Windows-based laptops and I still use a Windows XP portable computer as my primary PC.

However, the Titanium has given me some real reasons to consider making it a more integral part of my computing lifestyle. The new Mac OS X is by far the best windowing operating system on the market today.

The article is short but an interesting read.