iMap 2 Released From LPS

The Laboratory of Plant Systematics is now shipping iMap 2. iMap 2 is a mapping utility designed for large quantities of latitude/longitude data. The new version has several new features including an enhanced zoom and multiple maps support. According to The Laboratory of Plant Systematics:

The Laboratory of Plant Systematics (K.U.Leuven) today announced the availability of iMap 2. iMap 2 is a powerful yet easy-to-use program designed for mapping large amounts of latitude / longitude data.

Some of the new features in iMap 2 include:

  • Redesigned interface with native support for Aqua, sheets and smooth window resizing
  • Support for AppleScript: script iMap 2 using Applescript, to automate distribution mapping
  • Support for larger map files: open bigger map files thanks to Mac OS X dynamic memory allocation
  • Support for multiple map files: open and plot on more than one map at the same time
  • Enhanced zoom option: choose one of the 40 zoom levels to view and calibrate maps
  • Plot several data files at once: plot as many data files as you want with one click
  • Save a map to PDF: save any map to a PDF file, for cross-platform viewing
  • Plot a location: plot a location without entering its coordinates into a data file
  • Write to log file: output the text displayed in the status bar to a log file

You can find more information about iMap 2 at the The Laboratory of Plant Systematics Web site. iMap 2 is available for US$15.00.