iMedia Software Now Shipping Mac Cleaner

iMedia Software has released a new app for Mac users, Mac Cleaner 1.2. Mac Cleaner is a utility designed for organizing and managing desktop files. The app features automated file organizing and multiple file copying. According to iMedia Software:

iMedia Software, announced today that Mac Cleaner 1.2 is now shipping and available for download.

Ever felt like your computer is getting ugly and full of unwanted, or unorganized, files? Now with the amazing power of MacCleaner you can organize those files anyway you like! MacCleaner allows you to tidy up your finder system in a unique, easy, and automatic kind of way! The real power of MacCleaner is its ability to move, delete, create, or copy lots of files all at once!

You can now sleep easy knowing MacCleaner is on the job! And better yet: MacCleaner comes with one of the most clean interfaces in Mac existance! Utilizing the power, and coolness, of Mac OS X. The interface consists of easy to read output and easy to use input.

You can find more information about the Mac Cleaner release at the iMedia Software Web site. Mac Cleaner is available for US$10.00.