iMovie 2 Plug-In Released From eZedia

eZedia, Inc. is now shipping eZeMatte 1.0. eZeMatte is an iMovie 2 plug-in designed for graphical overlay of images within iMovie 2. The app features 10 themed overlays and supports borders and automatic re-sizing. According to eZedia:

eZedia Inc., a leader in digital media software technology, today released eZeMatte 1.0, the first in a series of plug-ins for iMovie 2, the worldis most popular, easy-to-use consumer digital video editing software from Apple. eZediais eZeMatte plug-in allows users to overlay any QuickTime supported image over an iMovie clip to add borders, frames, themes, logos or any customized graphic.

eZeMatte 1.0 comes with 10 theme overlays and automatically re-sizes all images that do not already conform to the DV format size (720 x 480) to fit the frame.

You can find more information about eZeMatte release at the eZedia, Inc. Web site. eZeMatte 1.0 is available for US$29.00.